Have a look at below image:

alt text

As you seeing that, when i take my cursor on StackOverflow icon, it shows 1577 reputation points, but it is actually 1584 this time . (it happens Not for only SO icon, but for all the associated accounts)

I have checked this by refreshing a page many times and even also loggin out many times, as i think it may be updated soon.

So, for updation of SO reputation, Meta-SO reputation, SuperUser reputation point to the area51 or any inter-related site, what is the actual delay time for updation? i think this should be changed to the associated account quickly as and when the reputation point is updated.


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This is normal, as these values are denormalized.

If it persists for longer than 48 hours let us know.

  • i just marked it...so thought that let me know you, it may helps you Aug 21, 2010 at 18:15

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