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I asked a question today and it was downvoted by someone within five minutes! No reason given. Personally I think downvoting without giving a reason is pointless and rude. You're causing the poster to lose 2 points. I believe my question was clear enough. If there's another reason and you don't tell me about it, I have learned ZERO from you and I lost 2 points and you lost one point. So who's benefiting?

Is there any kind of incentives in the current system to leave a reason for downvoting? Maybe the downvoter should lose more points for downvoting without a reason than with a reason. This means the current -1 should increase.


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Well, when somebody downvotes my answer and leaves a reason (because of an inaccuracy, misstatement, etc), I correct it, and the downvoter changes it to an upvote.

  • So is this a problem? Aug 25, 2010 at 5:58

There are many people who spend most of their time voting and moderating questions rather than asking or answering. They see this as their role and it is perfectly valid. They may go over many questions during a given period and may feel it is necessary to just mark it down rather than give an explanation for every down vote.

There are also people who just want to give their opinion by down-voting. This is also a valid use of the system. They may feel your question doesn't warrant an explanation.

In both cases it's just the community giving their opinion of your question and not a personal attack. 5 minutes is a long time on SO (not sure if that is the site you are referring to) so it's not like someone just waiting to down-vote your question.

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