I used to monitor all eclipse related tags:


That generate (after a refresh) the full address:


Two questions:

1/ I never notices the '+' (%2b). Before today there were only spaces (%20) between the tags and the 'or'

2/ this full address generates a HTTP Error 400. The request URL is invalid. (FireFox 3.6.8)
Do you know why?
Such addresses (even ones much longer) used to be served without issue before today.

Bonus question:

An address like:


generates the (working actually) full address:


Why the two 'or' between clearcase-remote and git tag?

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See my answer here:
Why do I get an error 400 with one constructed URL and not with the other one?

And here:
Bug with single character tags in urls

Manually combining or and tag wildcards basically isn't supported at the moment, so use at your own risk. There are some boolean logic issues because we don't support parens to disambiguate.


Really, the UI needs to stop generating links to topics that lead to server errors. If I click a link and it 400's on a page that was not generated through any real trickery, there's something broken in the system. Look at the length of the generated url and prune it if it's too long, or send us to a "try a narrower search" page, or something.

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