Once an Area 51 proposal has entered the commitment phase, is there a deadline by which it needs to achieve critical mass?

I found a couple questions lamenting about how long it takes to get enough commitments (e.g., How should “critical mass” be calculated?), so presumably it's a long time.

But does that mean a site could reach beta a year after entering the commitment phase? 6 months? Or are proposals intended (either manually or automatically) to be quashed after a month or two due to lack of critical mass?


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Neither the Commitment nor Definition phase has a time limit. They are both part of the proposal process: Do proposals on Area 51 expire?

There is currently no plan to put a time frame on a site proposal. We want to make sure that sites have all the time they need to develop properly. That can happen very quickly for a mainstream site. It might take longer for smaller sites. Smaller sites need time to reach out to experts and develop a following.

There may be some practical point where there has been absolutely no activity on a proposal and it gets deleted as a matter of system maintenance. But there's no "time limit" to get everything through in under "X" period of time.

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It seems to me that this policy has recently changed (April 27th, 2018):

[UNCHANGED] Proposal authors have three (3) days to complete the minimum submission requirements (5 followers, 5 example questions)

A proposal has four (4) months to complete the Definition phase, and an additional four (4) months to complete Commitment

Abandoned proposals exhibiting NO activity for seven (7) consecutive days are subject to closure