When I signed up for the Gaming SE, my account was auto-associated with my SOFU/MSO accounts. On SOFU, my name is Lord Torgamus; on MSO, it's Popular Demand. The auto-association process chose to use Popular Demand to populate my Gaming profile. (I'm not sure how MSO was chosen; that's the topic of a separate Meta post.)

Unfortunately, I don't want my name to be Popular Demand there; I want it to be Lord Torgamus. I disassociated my accounts and reassociated all of them except MSO*; no effect. So I manually changed my "parent" Gaming name to Lord Torgamus with the "edit" link in my profile; that worked, but didn't propagate to Meta Gaming.

All of my accounts use the same OpenID, though MSO has a different e-mail address for gravatar purposes.

**The exception is Server Fault; when I try to reassociate my SF account, I get a popup "user Id 10907 already associated with another account." My Gaming user ID is 197, and my SF ID is 10907; my SF account is showing that it's not associated with anything at all. Not sure if this is related, or a separate bug.*

What can I do to change my Meta Gaming name?


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This was discussed on the WebApps meta.

In the (recent) past we only synchronized reputation between the child-meta and parent site on the hour. Total profile syncs required a login/logout, as you discovered.

This has been changed. Now if you update your profile it will be pulled down to the child-meta site, though it may take an hour or so for it to occur.

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    My update was performed something like eight days ago; well over an hour, in any case.
    – Pops
    Commented Sep 2, 2010 at 4:08

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