There are two each for lowercase and uppercase tags, and they are split in popularity. The hyphenated version being more popular for one and the non-hyphenated for the other:

[uppercase] × 13
[upper-case] × 36
[lowercase] × 30
[lower-case] × 19

The preferred tags should be [lowercase] and [uppercase], those being words often spelled without hyphens.

Because you can only suggest to synonym the less popular to the more popular tag, there are two suggestions that would enforce inconsistent use if both got applied.


As someone studiously manually retagged all [uppercase] into [upper-case] (the opposite of what I proposed here, and only an hour after I posted this question, so I'd really be interested in your thoughts), it got me thinking: several questions are tagged both and every time either tag is appropriate it seems a single tag that represents both could be used instead. What could that tag be? [case-sensitive] seems appropriate and popular—moreso than all upper-/lowercase combined (just barely).

Even [case-insensitive] could be synonymed to [case-sensitive], since any insensitive question deals with case sensitivity issues. [case-sensitivity] might even be better than [case-sensitive], but it doesn't exist yet.

What is the single tag we can use to tag all of these similar questions? I vote for all the tags mentioned here to be merged into [case-sensitivity]. With one synonym voted-in already ([lower-case] to [lowercase]) and the multiple tag merges required, this needs a diamond's special touch in any ... case.

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    Perhaps we could retag them all as [majuscule] and [miniscule]. – James McNellis Sep 10 '10 at 19:29
  • If SO was a typography site, I'd prefer that. :) – Gnome Sep 10 '10 at 19:31

I agree that [uppercase] and [lowercase] are the desired forms here; done.