This is concerning my question Difference in behaviours of Dispose method between winforms and textboxes.

It is a helpful question, but I was not able to draft it well due to my poor English skills, and it was downvoted as a result. My intention in this Meta post is only to make newcomers to the site aware of this type of problem, which I faced and paid for. I don't want the same thing to happen to anyone else.

I know our community is brilliant, and I know its members can understand my poor comments and provide a good answer.

The name behind a question is not important, but it is important that the solution will prevent lots of people from making the mistake I made.

I want members of our community to draft an answer to my question and post it with our community's name.


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Your question has been edited and undeleted, so other users can now view it if they have the same question or a helpful answer to post.

Are you asking that the question be turned into a Community Wiki post? You can do that yourself by editing it and checking the box just below the right corner of the edit window.

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