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Create one page on SE to show my notifications for all SE, etc sites

This might have been discussed elsewhere, but I couldn't think of the most appropriate phrasing when I was looking. Apologies if this is a dupe.

Would it be possible to have a global notifications area? This way, if I wanted to see if I had any responses to any of my questions across the trilogy sites (and beyond) I'd only have to go to one place. The logical place would appear to be http://stackexchange.com/, which already knows that I'm logged in.

How about it guys?


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I have designed a tool you can use for this purpose:


(source: quickmediasolutions.com)

  • Though I noticed it's comments only. I guess there's no point you adding functionality if Joel et al are planning an integrated version. And it's great for the meantime. Thanks again.
    – Tom Wright
    Sep 13, 2010 at 9:36

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