I wanted to propose a new Stack Exchange site, but the process required me to verify my email address first. Email address is correct, but no email is getting delivered.

I checked spam folder as well, but nothing that I could see got over.

Looks like a possible bug. Is it?

I've seen this reported many times, but since answers don't really help me, I asked the question as well, so someone should check what's been happening. Once it was SMTP error, some other time there was a delay etc... Don't really know what's going on in my case.

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We just fixed a bug in which email verifications were sometimes not sent during proposal creation.

The bug was introduced a month ago while fixing a related issue, but it shouldn't happen again.


It looks like the email was never sent to you. I've sent it manually, and we'll look into why it's sometimes not getting sent.

  • Thank you. I got it after you've sent it manually. Commented Sep 15, 2010 at 23:08

I also had this issue. There is also a link you can click in your user profile to send a confirmation e-mail. I was able to circumvent the issue by using this link (the e-mail then showed up instantly).

Others can probably do the same.

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