Image of tag and tag synonym

Is [bugs] a tag with one question, or a tag synonym? Can't tell... can you? This is a real problem when trying to manage tags.

Please differentiate tag synonyms in the list, possibly with a different border.


Currently, tags with one use (they're on one question) appear on the /tags page with no number or other indication next to them. Tag synonyms, which are on no questions because they're synonyms, appear the same way: with nothing next to them. (Tags with more than one use, which are not synonyms, appear with, e.g., "×2" (two uses).)

I like to check the list of least-used tags to see if any should be merged into more-used tags: I can't find the single-use tags among the synonyms on the /tags page, though, because they look alike.

So I think the /tags page should either indicate (perhaps with an "s" next to the tag) that a tag is a synonym, or indicate with a "×1" that a tag has one use (and is not a synonym), or (preferably) both.

An alternative solution to this problem would be to list the synonyms separately from the other tags or not at all, but I don't think that that's necessary.

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