1. Some, but not all, of my Gadgets reputation got migrated to the Android SE along with my questions and answers. I speculated that this is because I got upvotes on Gadgets from users that don't have accounts on Android: correct? My mistake: I had an upvoted and accepted answer from Gadgets that was re-upvoted and re-accepted by the OP shortly after its migration to Android.

  2. Not all of my Android-related posts were migrated to the Android SE. My highest-voted answer was to a question with (I see now) only an "iphone" tag, so it got migrated to the Apple SE (where I don't have an account). Is flagging for moderator attention appropriate in this case?

  3. gadgets.stackexchange.com redirects to the proposal page on Area 51. Is there a way to access the site, or do we have to wait for the data dump to become available?

  4. Do migrated posts count towards commitment on the Android SE?

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  1. Reputation is not migrated between sites.

  2. Yes, flag any post that was not migrated and we'll address them. I have migrated the one you mentioned.

  3. There is no way to access the gadgets.stackexchange.com site - it is closed. The data dump is now available on the area51 proposal page for gadgets.

  4. Yes, migrated posts do count towards your commitment on Stack Exchange.


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