On StackOverflow both VB6-Conversion and VB6-Migration tags exist. As of this posting VB6-Conversion has 15 questions and 10 of them also have the VB6-Migration tag. The VB6-Migration tag has 74 questions.

I believe they are the same thing so I propose merging VB6-Conversion into VB6-Migration.

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Agreed. It looks like some of those questions in [vb6-conversion] could use a little bit of tag cleanup as well.

A tag synonym proposal already exists for this as well.

EDIT: I have completed retagging [vb6-conversion] to [vb6-migration]. I also noticed that [vb-to-vb.net] is an existing active synonym to [vb6-migration]. This request is complete once the proposal above is accepted.

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