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Edit out an offer of financial reward. Right or wrong?

This is the question... in question: How can I make DIVs flyout in response to a hover event (like the National Geographic site) using jQuery?

It's a fairly standard question about Javascript and jQuery, and the OP has gone to some length to describe his problems, but this part here, added in an edit 7 hours ago, sort of worries me

I know this is a tall order, and I CAN PAY for a solution, and would be happy to share the solution here as well so others might benefit. You can email me at kieradavenport@gmail.com if you're interested in payment (I don't want to clutter up answers/comments here with inquisitions about payment).

Should we allow people to offer monetary rewards for answering a question?


It effectively transforms the question into a job posting. Which isn't appropriate.

I don't think the author here was trying to abuse the site, he's just new - as Pekka notes, this is (sadly) common on some forums, where they're usually ignored.

However this being SO, I just edited it out. SO: 1, Forums: 0...


There are already other sites for paid freelancing. I believe Stack Overflow shouldn't have anything to do with money.


I would ignore them.

Requests like that are usually ignored by the general public, and find a solution the normal (free) way most of the time.

Only if somebody really relentlessly tries to use SO questions as a hiring platform for short-term jobs would I report it to moderators and/or ask the OP to quit.

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