Related but different: ServerFault user flair doesn't show up when using the script, but does with an iframe

The <script src=.../users/flair/... .../script> version of user flair for Area 51 has a broken image, because the user flair for that site has a relative link, rather than an absolute URL to the image, namely "/content/se/favicon.ico".

Since I have failed to host the Area 51 thumbnail on my laptop in the place the script kindly requests, the fault for this unintended behaviour is clearly mine.


  1. This doesn't affect any of the other 3 SX sites I've looked at, or any of the SOFU sites.
  2. I've seen the behaviour for a long time now, but only got around to reporting it now. I'm kind of suprised no one else sees it: I've seen it on Safari on Mac Os 10.4, and Firefox 3.6 on both the same mac and Windows.

Thanks for reporting this -- it's fixed now.

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