Database proposal

From the comments:

there's a lot with databases that isn't development or admin (eg modeling).

It seems like a lot of the sample questions would do fine and are probably already answered on Stack Overflow. Are those that aren't strictly development related allowed?

I guess the real question is "are all database questions programming related?" and more important, will they get closed on Stack Overflow?

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I imagine your request is inspired from Jeff's recent post about merging two proposals. The purpose of his post is to vet the idea of merging smaller programming topics into Programmers.SE, using an immediate example.

While your example is a good one, we really don't want to break these issues/discussions out of Area 51. One of our top priorities (and the subject of extensive discussions; believe me) is how best to improve inter-proposal communications so we can have these discussions within Area 51. That's where they need to be, even if the facilities aren't up to par at the moment. They will be.

I'm going to close your proposal-merging suggestions… stay tuned.

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