I can type feature-request -status-declined -status-bydesign -status-completed on the address line once I'm there, but is there no easier way? Statuses are a special concept and really only apply to things like feature and bugs. And it would be nice to easily switch between statuses when looking at these tags.

  1. I don't generally want to see declined features, when I'm looking at features to see what's in the wind.
  2. But if a feature occurs to me, I don't want to pester the developers with a request that they've already said no to as a concept. So being able to see declined features is a good thing here.

(I've recently dealt with a similar thing in one of my projects: general tagging scheme vs. an evolving specialized concept getting dumped into the GTS--which oddly enough was a sort of status. So I can appreciate the evolving case.)

  • I have them in my ignore tags.
    UPDATE: I edited this whole post based on Jeff Atwood's clarification.
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    Belongs on meta-meta-stackoverflow... just kidding ;) – Donut Aug 14 '09 at 19:40

see here


also, you can turn ignored to invisible via your prefs tab on your user page

Ah, your REAL request is for tag filters to apply on the tag page itself. I see. We have actually implemented this, so try typing

example.com/questions/tagged/feature-request -status-~

in the address bar. Note that we have some fairly strict rules around what we'll expand using the ~ expansion wildcard. It works on both "ends" but must have at least 4 characters to expand from.


If you are wanting the questions to be hidden from you, you could add them to your ignored tags list couldn't you?

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