I just loaded the SO homepage, and every one of the "Recent Badges" listed down the right-hand side was a "Yearling" badge.

Did I just happen to arrive right after some cron job had run?


As the others said, Yearling is issued daily, and all those users signed up on 25 Sep (2008 and 2009). Here's a list of the creation dates of all the accounts listed as receiving Yearling on the homepage right now: http://odata.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/q/11723/


Yes, the cron job for Yearling runs at midnight UTC.

  • This would have been around 0045. I'm surprised that it went that long without something else being added - but it's the weekend. Meh :) Thanks for the answer. – Ed Daniel Sep 26 '10 at 0:56
  • @Ed Well, maybe a little after midnight. I don't think anyone has actually sat down and watched the badges that closely. – waiwai933 Sep 26 '10 at 0:57

The job that checks when "Yearling" should be awarded presumably only runs once a day...so yeah, you probably arrived at the "right" time.

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