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Is it OK to have non-English question and answers in Area 51?


After encountering various language related sites in Area 51, I decided to check if there is a proposal for those who study Arabic. There isn't and I have been considering to create one, but I have one question that bothers me - is there, should there be or is it planned to allow creation of sites that have non-English interface? Or even more, right-to-left layout?

The existing English layout is convenient for those who are at early stages of studying Arabic (Chinese, Hebrew etc.), but when the discussion becomes more of a linguistic debate between more proficient language users, a layout that is more compatible with the language could help. This is also true if I wish to create a localized Q&A site in any language that isn't English; for example, any site for kids or even teenagers would be more useful if it were in the native language of the users.

What do you think?

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