If I answer a question, get an upvote, downvote, or 'accepted' answer, then edit the answer, what happens to the votes? I don't get enough upvotes to experiment, lolz.

  • Edit a question nearly 2 years old? – Tony Ennis Jul 10 '12 at 16:17

Existing votes are not affected by edits.


Answers can be accepted or unaccepted at any time after the initial timeout period.

Votes are usually immutable after a short grace period (5 minutes, IIRC) unless the post is edited. If you edit your post, folks have a chance to change their previous votes to reflect the new content. As a result, making minor edits may or may not work in your favor--you can gain votes by improving your post, or potentially lose votes that were previously "locked in."

Your mileage can (and will) vary.

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