I navigated to https://stackoverflow.com/users/login?returnurl=/ and clicked on "click here to recover your account." I was sent to the account recovery page, where I entered my e-mail.

Within a few seconds, I received mail from Stack Overflow confirming that I am a registered user and giving me an OpenID link. I clicked on the OpenID link and got a page that prompted me to enter the password for the OpenID account. I forgot my password!

So I clicked MyOpenID's account recovery link and got taken to this page, where I was asked to enter my username or e-mail address. I entered my username / e-mail (the same e-mail which I entered to recover my password from Stack Overflow) but the system displayed the error message

No Email Address for this Account
Unfortunately, it is impossible to recover your account without a registered email address.

How can I get my OpenID password? I am not able to access Stack Overflow with my regular account. Finally, I created a new account and started using Stack Overflow. Please help me access my old account.

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Do you use more than one e-mail address? If so, did you register for SO and MyOpenID with different addresses? MyOpenID is not related to SO, it will not know if you used a different e-mail for SO. For the same reason, the SO admins cannot help you recover your MyOpenID password.

What you can do is e-mail [email protected] and ask them to merge your two accounts, keeping your new OpenID. While this should be possible on a purely technical level, I don't know what you'll be required to do to prove that you're the owner of both accounts.

  • Thank you, I have mailed to SO team as you said, they have now merged my accounts.
    – banupriya
    Oct 1, 2010 at 8:55

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