I am a fan of Stack Overflow, and I see that SO has many sister sites, like Server Fault, etc. I really appreciate them, but their names need to give hints about what each site is all about.


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Don't the names already do that?

  • A Stack Overflow is an error made while programming; SO is for programming questions
  • Server Fault has "server" right in the name; SF is for server administration questions
  • A Super User is a user with above-average capabilities on a computer; SU is for general computer software/hardware questions

As user118150 said, the FAQ of each site (SO, SF, SU) breaks down exactly what's on-topic on that site, but the names are pretty helpful too

As for figuring out where you should ask a question, if you're still unsure you can post a description of the question here and we'll help you figure it out; beyond the trilogy sites there are 24 public SE betas that your question might work on too

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    Super User really doesn't make that much sense though till you read what its about...
    – thyrgle
    Sep 30, 2010 at 2:09

Consider looking at the master list of sites:


It lists all the sites and descriptions on one nice page.


Reading the FAQs of the various sites should be helpful in figuring that out. The three main sites are serverfault, superuser and stackoverflow. There is a stackexchange process for making more sites in the future, but that process is currently under development.