It has happened to me twice that I have accidently removed one of my interesting tags by clicking the cross next to the interesting tag on the main page. This is rather annoying because it happens easily -- you just have to miss the tag and click the cross a few pixels to the right of the tag. In addition, if you accidently remove a tag and then add it again, it will be added to the bottom of the list of interesting tags, and not at its previous position. This is bad, because the human brain (I think) is good at remembering where an object is. Once I happened to delete the Delphi tag (which was the first of my interesting tags), and it took weeks before I got used to look at the end of the list instead.

Hence it would be good if

  • the cross was removed, if
  • there was a confirmation "Do you want to remove this tag?", if
  • there was a possibility to undo the removal of a tag, or if
  • you could change the order of the interesting tag items.

The problem of accidentally removing a tag from favorites gets more annoying for short tags, such as C. The cross button occupies about a half of the clickable area, so I very often accidentally remove the tag instead of filtering the question.

It would be very nice to have a deletion confirmation or an undo feature.

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    Drag and drop ordering should be quite easy to implement, especially with help from jQuery (which SE already uses).
    – Andy E
    Oct 2, 2010 at 19:28
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    +1 for "such as c". I've deleted it more than twice. Nov 3, 2012 at 23:02
  • I agree tiny tiny tags are a pain to click as you can accidentally click the cross. I dont have very good fine motor skills as it is :) Feb 15, 2013 at 9:45

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There's also a script on StackApps that removes the X-buttons from the tags altogether: Stackapps: Remove Delete-Favourite-Tag-Buttons Script

I dug a bit further: There are quite some interesting scripts to handle tags at StackApps:

As I see none of these apps actually lets you sort the tags, some improvement seems in the overall tag handling seems to be possible however.


Here is a simple guide to reordering your tags:

  • Write down all your interesting tags in the order you want them to show up
  • Remove all your tags
  • Add them in the order you would like them.

Once you've done this enough times because you've accidentally clicked remove, you'll get smart and write a greasemonkey script that disables the remove button. :)

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