I don't know if this question goes here. I searched Stack Overflow and found nothing, and I don't think Web Applications is the proper place either.

I searched the Area 51 proposals and found this one, but it looks it's not going anywhere... is there another site I am missing, or is there nothing on SE (yet)?

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If it's about

  • installation of Joomla
    • Server Fault
  • how to do x in Joomla
    • Web Apps SE
    • maybe Super User
      • yeah, it's kinda software-y, but ultimately it's not something you install on your machine; it's on the Internet or an intranet
  • writing a patch for Joomla
    • Stack Overflow
  • why a specific part of Joomla works, with source code reference
    • also Stack Overflow
  • whether Joomla is the right choice for you
    • Programmers SE
  • your website that's backed by Joomla
    • Pro Webmasters SE

Update a couple of years later. The new Stack Exchange site for Joomla is in public beta so you can ask all you questions there:


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