I started editing the Responsibilities text box of an Experience entry. I decided that I didn't want those changes after all, but I don't know how to cancel them. I haven't clicked the Save button, so it's not in my published CV.

I tried reloading the page, but the unwanted changes are still there. I even tried logging out and logging back in, to no avail. I do see a "Your CV has unsaved draft changes" in the status tab, so clearly this is intentional (and usually desired) behavior.

So how do I cancel/remove the draft?

My expectation was that there'd be a Cancel button next to the Save button in the edit cv tab. It could be greyed out until a change is made.

Sorry if this is a duplicate. I tried searching for an answer.


Hey man, thanks for the report. Should be fixed now.

You should see a little orange draft button next to each field you've changed. Click the draft button to undo the changes to the associated field.

BTW what do people think of html elements with id's like "float-left"...confusing much?

BONUS: This bug has been around for exactly 4 months today :(

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