When scrolling through my list of podcasts on my iPhone, it always catches me off guard that the SO podcast is titled 'Blog - Stack Overflow', which is different from every single other podcast I listen too, which follow more traditional naming styles.

My I suggest a few?

  • Jeff & Joel's Most Excellent Podcast
  • Two Bloggers and a Bag-o-'Pinions
  • ZZZZ Best Podcast
  • Syntax Error (Get it? SO, SF, SU and now SE!)
  • "Four to Six Weeks": The Geek Drinking Game

or, if those are a bit too silly, then maybe just...

  • Stack Overflow - Podcast

I'm sure others have suggestions. The point is, having the podcast title start with 'Blog' is just wrong.

  • Additionally, some podcasts I subscribe to seem to be able to add some textual description of the episode contents in that show up on the iPhone, that would also be nice.
    – tbone
    Aug 3, 2009 at 23:02
  • At least it's not a "The Blog - Stack Overflow" (for those of us without smart ordering on our feed readers.) Nov 23, 2009 at 17:38

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Yeah, Stack Overflow - Podcast is the way to go


How about...

The Stack Exchange Podcast

Catchy, eh?

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