I've seen the button in the links area (two questions) due to text overflow, but that's nothing compared to this:

alt text

On my phone browser, the button is usually completely covered by ad.

I think a very simple but effective solution is to put the button under the comment box, just like the answer button.


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Get a life.

(Or, stop using SE on your phone.)

It's acceptable but really, really, hard to do.


Use ad blocking software.

It's acceptable but not satisfactory, and there doesn't seem to be such a thing for my HTC Incredible.


Press Enter.

I'll actually be doing this, since getting out of input mode and looking for a button to click is way harder, no matter where the button is located.

I still think it's more consistent to put the button below, though.

(I wonder if there's a badge for too many self answers.)

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