Under what circumstances would it be appropriate to close a question as "too localised" on MSO? Unlike the other sites, the purpose of meta is to provide support rather than build a QA database, so I don't see how a meta question being localised is a problem.

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I'd love to have some data related to the close reasons, however it's not available yet. So, subjectively speaking, most of the time on Meta, questions are closed as duplicates (mostly), off-topic, or noise/pointless.

Too Localized is mostly used to clean up questions that are no longer relevant (invoking the "specific moment in time" clause of the close reason) -- see this question.

This is pretty much a housecleaning activity (with the ultimate goal of deletion most of the time). This would apply to posts such as:

  • Completed account merge questions, and other specific support requests
  • "OMG Stack Overflow is downnnn"-type questions where it's been resolved that it's only down for the post author, or the situation has been resolved
  • Feature requests that are so specific or localized in a way that would benefit very few users (rare)
  • Questions based on some existing condition which has now changed (for example, questions about the previous system to award a bounty)

Note: localized bug reports (where no one can repro) are the exception to this -- these should be mod-tagged [status-norepro] instead of being closed. The reason for that is if someone else has the same problem down the road, they can add an answer to the question and give it a bump to get help, or to prod a dev to (re)investigate.


The first topic that jumps to mind is gay horses.

Other reasons are for questions about specific questions, users and answers on SO, rather than about the rules and policies of the system in general.

It’s funny that there’s a question in the sidebar claiming the opposite problem, that meta questions are more vulnerable to the effects of time.

  • I'd say the "gay horses" question should have been closed as not a real question, I don't see how the problem is it being too specific. Also, is it really off-topic to ask a question about a problem user, or where a particular question should go?
    – Gelatin
    Oct 14, 2010 at 22:17
  • I was thinking more like "This user harassed me what should I do", or "Why was my question closed?" The close reason of "Too localized" used to be "No longer relevant", which more clearly included those reasons.
    – Josh Lee
    Oct 14, 2010 at 22:22

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