This is my user flair badge:

profile for Trufa on Stack Exchange, a network of free, community-driven Q&A sites http://stackexchange.com/users/flair/745325cdf7504fdb88910bae9e88dbde.png

I have 468 rep points in meta.stackoverflow and 533 rep points in stackoverflow

I don´t understand what is the 760 in the badge.

I guess the answer is really simple but I CANT get it!!

  • Now I'm scared... It's showing my reputation!?! . :-) – user141148 Oct 17 '10 at 16:26

You've gained quite a bit of rep in the past 24 hours. I'd peg you around 350 + 400 total rep yesterday. The flair doesn't update that quick, the images are cached. You should see it jump up when the cache gets refreshed, probably once a day.

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  • LOL The right answer would be tat I´m an impatient bastard!! :) Thanks a lot!! – Trufa Oct 17 '10 at 20:07

Take a look at your /reputation page on each site... http://Meta.Stackoverflow.com/reputation and https://stackoverflow.com/reputation

See if it adds up to that... If it doesn't, I am out of ideas!

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  • The OP's rep on both sites already adds-up. It's just the global flair that doesn't. – Gelatin Oct 17 '10 at 18:55

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