Once in a while after I try to open a page I see "Something bad happened" page with a lolcat. Usually this page only shows up once in a while and doesn't account for a permanent problem. So it would be nice to be able to try to open the original page again.

The URL for that page sort of contains the original URL - it looks like this


so I can technically edit it in the "URL" field in my browser and try to reopen the page, but this is not very convenient (but definitely better than it was with "Offline for maintenance").

Could you please provide a "you can retry this request" link the same way as on "Offline for maintenance" page?


Well, if problem is due to DDoS or other overload on servers, link to try again would be a good way to prevent servers from going back to normal work. If anything, link like that should appear by JavaScript not sooner than after, let's say, 2 minutes. Trying again to soon should be discouraged.

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