Is there a way for me to download the full list of tags (and synonyms) used on Stack Overflow? My intent is to import these tags into an SQLite database as part of a process to convert all of my delicious bookmarks and tags to the ones used here on Stack Overflow.


As of right now, you can only get a list of tags. Tag synonyms are not publicly available yet, but have already been requested.

There are a few ways of going about getting the data:

  • Download the latest Data Dump, and use an XML parser to extract the tag information
  • Use the Data Explorer (a public-facing data dump loaded into SQL Server) and one of the techniques described in my answer here.

Yes. Get a data dump and parse the tags field on each record. It's not a nicely wrapped package of just the tags, and parsing them is not straightforward, but it's not bad either.

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