I don't know if I'm having a slow internet connection but I'm still reporting this. Sometimes the answers to my questions are not sorted properly. Having 3 answers in my questions, when I refresh the page, the order also changes.

Has someone also experienced it? I assume that the 1st answer is the one you marked checked and the rest are ordered by date/time, oldest answer first.


The answers are sorted a few ways, it depends which tab you have selected on top of the answers:

  • oldest - Oldest answer first, etc
  • newest - Newest answer first, etc
  • votes - Answers are shorted by votes. If there's only one page of answers then answers are not sorted by date/time: the order is then random past the vote sort (intentionally). If there are multiple pages, then no randomization in the vote order is done.

The default sort is votes. Also, when viewing by votes the accepted is only at the top if the OP didn't accept their own answer (usually the case, that's a minority by far).

  • know i know that this is not a bug. thanks nick for the clarification. im a new member and im enjoying sharing ideas here in stackoverflow.. thanks :) – EVG Oct 31 '10 at 11:38

This is by design. Answers with an equal number of upvotes will be displayed in random order for fairness.

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    ...if sorted on votes, and unless pagination kicks in, in which case posts with the same vote count are listed by creation date. – Arjan Oct 31 '10 at 10:59

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