The Android Exchange Beta is trying to appeal to a wider audience, including Android Devs who may have Q&A that is well-suited for a community of Android users (i.e. UI questions, beta-testing opportunities, etc.). And in general, Android Devs may glean useful info from the Q&A already going on there.

This question could also apply to the Apple Stack Exchange site. Thanks in advance for the feedback.

EDIT: This suggestion has been implemented! See answer below. Can a mod tag it as status-completed?

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    I would love to see this. There are often questions on SO that really belong on Android.SE (I'm sure the same for Apple) – Bryan Denny Nov 3 '10 at 0:59

Update: The request has been completed! Here is an updated screen shot when you search the Android tag:

alt text

And when you click the about:

alt text

A simple idea would be to add a link on the Android Tag page here (shown below). This space is for Sponsored Links so perhaps there could be a section beneath it, such as "Other Stack Exchange sites for this tag" or simply include the link under Sponsored Links.

alt text

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