Recently, the tag synonyms were changed so that people cannot participate in tag synonyms without a requisite amount of participation in the tag itself. To complement it, the suggested view filters out things you can't vote on.

Unfortunately, this only measures on tag participation and ignores the diamonds who can both vote on synonyms and approve them straight up. I regularly check the suggested view in order to see what might need hasty votes or what I simply might agree with. But now I can't see anything. So even though looking at all shows me a bunch of pending synonyms...

There's 6 of them there and a lot more down the page.

...looking under suggested gives me a perplexing emptiness.

Actually, that should be a blank box, because the box is as empty as the page. But I'm too lazy.

Can we change it so that since diamonds actually can vote on those tag synonyms, that they can see all of them?


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will be fixed today ... moderators will be able to see all suggestions

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