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How does “Reputation” work?
Where is the FAQ?

I noticed that I had like 202 rep points (is it how they are called?), and I down-vote an answer and I reached the 201, then did it again and then ended up with 200... Why? I looked for an answer in the FAQ and about question but I cannot find an answer.


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Downvotes cost the caster 1 Rep point, and the receiver 2 Rep points. Ostensibly, since the person casting the vote has to pay a little bit of their Rep, it helps keep downvoting from being abused.

For more info on Reputation and voting, check out the FAQ here on Meta and the "vote down" privilege wiki.


Downvoting costs 1 reputation point.
It is mentioned in the "What is reputation?" section of the FAQ

post is voted down    -2    (-1 to voter)

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