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How can I request a reputation recalc?

I have read multiple posts related to reputation points, how much reputation one should lose upon a downvote, others about loss of reputation points for no apparent reasons, then I have hit the reputation recalculation topic where one can ask for it.

How to ask for a reputation recalculation?

My concerns are that I have lost already a few months ago some reputation points. I got over it as per assuming there was something I didn't understand correctly, based on first impressions. But no later than yesterday, I had about 4590 reputation points. From this point forward to the time I reconnected on SO at home, I had lost about 124 reputation points for no apparent reasons! How is that so?

Finally, I would simply ask for a reputation recalculation, as some others have said before me, I am not that kind of expert which gets many upvotes per Q&A, so my reputation represents a lot of efforts I do collaborating on SO.

Thanks for your help and advices! =)


Flag a post you've made for moderator attention, and ask for a reputation recalculation.

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