Where can I ask a teoretical-hardware question about near future CMOS microprocessors?

There was an attempt to ask it on StackOverFlow: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4206907/mflops-per-watt-what-is-the-limit-closed but it was closed.

Also, I wonder to know where to ask other VLSI-related questions (about microprocessor internals, hardware design, opencores, verilog coding, etc), like such: multiplication in multicycle datapath write from stratch and Verilog to GDSII compiler (open-source)

Thanks a lot!

  • There are some numbers about pJ (picojoules) per FLOPS (actually per fused multiply-add with double precision) here: GPUS AND THE FUTURE OF PARALLEL COMPUTING, Keckler 2011 (www.davidglasco.com/Papers/ieee-micro.pdf)
    – osgx
    Commented Feb 16, 2014 at 22:00

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The information theoretical limit is a topic that span the confluence between Physics and full on Theoretical Computer Science. But subjects have their sites in beta, though I would recommend that you read Feynman on the Theory of Computation first.

If you care about a "near future" engineering limit there does not appear to be an good site in the League of Justice. Electronics might be the best match, but it is a bit of a stretch and I'd be surprised if you get a good answer..

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