I notice when I visit the main page of stackoverflow.com I see a distinctly different list of questions than when I click on the "Questions" link that takes me to stackoverflow.com/questions. What's the difference between these two sets of questions?

I notice that the list I see on stackoverflow.com when I first visit the site seems to be biased toward my interesting tags, but not all of the questions that show up contain a tag I've marked as interesting. How are these selected? Is there an algorithm trying to determine other questions outside my interests that I might want to look at? Are the questions chosen by recency, least answers, longest time without an accept, etc.? And is the stackoverflow.com/questions more just the overall list of the most recent questions?

Just curious. Thanks!

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the Questions page is a simple flat list of unfiltered questions, with whatever sort tab you have selected.

  • Thanks! That's really interesting. Teach me to not keep up with the blog... Commented Nov 23, 2010 at 6:36

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