This morning, I've quite accidentally discovered this question, which revealed the Consecutive Days Calendar. The calendar is a great addition, thank you, SO Team!

I have a suggestion though: Could the calendar be a bit more discoverable, please?

To wit, I've been looking at that exact text for months, and apparently the calendar has been available for several weeks now, I would never have guessed it even exists - the page gives no indication the text is somehow special, except the cursor changing to "hand" on mouseover.

I do remember reading something about "not hiding your links" - if the text is supposed to initiate an action, could it be underlined, or else somehow differentiated from normal text? (in that question, @Bryan Denny suggests "A little [ + ] beside of it would explain it well enough")

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Think of it as an easter egg!

  • All right then. I've seen Easter Eggs in various software, but this may be the first recorded instance of a Halloween Egg :o) Nov 23, 2010 at 12:14

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