I recently created two community wikis in an attempt to provide a good reference for everyone. Some people are now trying to close them (+ downvoting, but that's not the issue) because of the NARQ policy. Despite the fact that many people find (and might find) them very useful.

So, the first question is: Does the fact that this ain't a question weigh more than the fact that many people find it useful?

Some people claim it should be added to the tag wikis but I disagree. Technology changes fast, especially with HTML5-related stuff. While only allowing people with 2000 rep to edit the tag wiki (+ being in top 20 / own bronze badge), the change is too big it gets outdated.

So, what do you think? If this kind of wikis is not allowed on SO, I will delete the posts (it's not my intention to break any rules).

These are my wikis (edit: I've changed them so they are questions now):

The following community wiki is the same deal, but why is this one allowed and mine are not?

  • do the new tag wiki arrangements work better for you? that is, they are based on suggested, peer-reviewed edits by any registered user until you get to 20k? – Jeff Atwood Mar 31 '11 at 5:34

Your posts are useful, but better suited for Tag Wikis. I believe you knew that, but you don't like the reputation requirements. You may have cause to argue that issue but that does not give you just cause to circumvent the system requirements and inappropriately use the site in a way that is not intended. That's why your questions should be closed.

I'm sure your intentions are well-meaning, but you should have known you weren't using the system properly when you had to post your…

Placeholder to suppress question from listing.

…another system behavior you found necessary to finagle your way around. It's not appropriate to simply side-step rules, requirements, and behaviors when they don't work the way you wish.

This is a Q&A site… "Questions" and "Answers." You said it yourself that your post is NOT a question, but an attempt to create a useful community wiki. If the system does not work to your liking, bring it up in meta and suggest changes. That's what meta is for.

  • I've changed it into questions, and deleted the placeholders. Is that ok or should I just delete all content from SO? – Wouter Dorgelo Nov 25 '10 at 3:22
  • @Enrico It still isn't a question; it's a blog post that leads with a question. Your question shouldn't contain its own answer, that's not how SO works. – meagar Nov 25 '10 at 19:14
  • it's a blog post that leads with a question not anymore. – Wouter Dorgelo Nov 25 '10 at 21:32

Does the fact that this ain't a question weigh more than the fact that many people find it useful?

@Enrico Pallazzo I also had the same concern that its more important and it made me feel bad (and also re-opened questions, rebelled and the whole nine yards) but I think I am somewhat starting to get it now. A question must be question & simple & to the point.

I think it's also not bad to understand who we really are here (in theory but most importantly in practice as well) ... we are: just variables and StackOverflow is our function. And you know what happens when a variable does not play by the rules ... buffer overrun (ops, GOds of SO -- who said that, I meant to say stackoverflow:). So yeah, scoping is important even when you don't code I guess:)

EDIT: I just read the FAQ of SO and it suggests that you can post more open-ended questions on this site, I don't know how the wikis will be accepted there but it may work, try it. I think it may work, I may try it too.

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