Stack Overflow is becoming the largest repository in technical discussion as well nontechnical. We have lots of separate sites for different things. Why do not Stack Overflow provide a common search place to search questions from the Stack Overflow database? By the way, we can reduce the number of repeated questions.

Some search concepts to be implemented:

  1. We have searching options for each site separately, but the user do not know where to search for specific question. So, they simply post a new question.
  2. Rather than having a search form at the site corner, (seen from the user's perspective) Stack Overflow can provide an appealing search page where users can start. A user would then not need to wait for an answer in case he/she already found an answer surfing the discussions.
  3. Also to be considered, the user can have an option of choosing a specific category like platform or sites.
  4. After the searching process is completed, you can sort the results based on date, vote, or max answered and so on.

I do not know my suggestion are right or not. Just wanted to share. People having similar thoughts please proceed to write.

I hope see a master search engine for our Stack Overflow site. :)


I hope see a master search engine for our Stack Overflow site. :)

Wish already granted


Try it out like so


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