How about we allow people with reputation >= 5000 to see deleted questions & answers?

  • I just broke 5k, so part of me likes this, but I'm still going to have to downvote you unless you can provide a better reason than "it's a fun ability to have." Are 10k+ users not doing enough janitorial work?
    – Pops
    Commented Apr 17, 2012 at 20:35

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Why would they need to? 10k users can see deleted posts, but that's because they also have the ability to vote to undelete them, which is hard to do if they're invisible. If users can't undelete posts there's no reason for them to see deleted posts in the first place


I agree with Michael Mrozek, people don't need to see ALL deleted question, but they should always be able to see their own questions that were deleted.

Expecially considering that questions are deleted without prior notice.


I noticed your post is circa 2010; in 2018, you can see your own deleted posts, though it's difficult and not very centralized as it's on a per-site basis, and perhaps each site has different user IDs.

See your profile under the tabs for questions and answers and there are links to the deleted Q&As. The links follow this format: https://$CHANGEMETASITE/users/recently-deleted-questions/$YOURUSERNUMBER

I tried to post about it here in a related feature request:

I want to see all my exchange linked deleted questions?

Ironically, this question will probably be deleted too.

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