I pay attention to a group of tags by looking at the following URL:


That works fine, and when you click on the 'Featured' tab, you get a list of the items featured. However, the (non-zero) number of featured questions does not show up in the original page (the URL above), whereas if you look at only a single tag, you do get the non-zero number of featured questions next to the featured tab.

This is the case whether you or or and the tags together.


As it happens, the "featured" tab has worked for composite tags for a considerable time, which you can see by visiting tabs in a particular order, for example:

this is actually now showing you the featured questions for either tag, but the tab-header is conspicuously absent. However, starting from the next deploy, the "featured" tab works fully (including the tab-header / count) in all scenarios. Enjoy.

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