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Reputation report total slightly off from SO rep I see?

Sorry to add to all of the posts on rep cap, but I noticed a slight mismatch (1 point) between my calculated reputation at www.stackoverflow.com/reputation, and the reputation that shows up on the main site. Specifically, at the "/reputation", I get

** total rep 2044 :)

while the main site shows 2043. Is this a known issue? I'll admit that I haven't gone through every entry in the "/reputation" table, and summed them all up, but I assume that value is correct (if only because it's the higher one!).


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The displayed reputation is usually slightly off if compared to the "real" reputation shown in the "reputation audit".

Votes on deleted questions/answers don't count to the "real" reputation, but the displayed reputation is not updated when a post is deleted.

In your case you probably downvoted a post (costing you one point) and that post later got deleted. In the "audit" report you got that point for the downvote back, but the displayed reputation was not updated.

  • You're exactly right. The exact situation you just mentioned happened not moments ago (probably for the second time). A post I downvoted was deleted, and now I see a mismatch of two points. Excellent deduction! Commented Dec 6, 2010 at 1:45

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