I just saw this bounty question today and I was a bit confused

This states that "This question has an open bounty worth +400 reputation from Rahul Joshi ending in 7 day" but Rahul Joshi only has a reputation of 1

As per the FAQ, it states that

Slice off anywhere from +50 to +500 of your own hard-earned reputation and attach it to any question as a bounty. (User does not have 400 rep to slice off)


Users must have at least 75 reputation to offer a bounty. (User does not have 75 rep)

Does the FAQ not contradict this question or am i missing something here?


Yes, what you describe can happen because the bounty is deducted at the beginning of the bounty period. So the user in question previously had 401 rep, offered a bounty of 400, and was left with 1 rep.


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