• User Maosud joined 2 days ago and asked this question about placing a div over an iframe "from Photosynth.net".
  • A few hours later Rashid (who joined 7 days ago) asked this question about putting a div over an iframe, showing the source of the iframe as being from photosynth.net
  • 1 hour later user ahmed (who joined 3 days ago) posted this "answer" to that question; summarized: "thanks all for reply and sorry for miss understanding [...] wiating the answer and thanks".

Similar questions, English usage, rep, joining time frame, and ethnic usernames is not much to go on. As a non-moderator can I see IP addresses? Is there anything that should be done about these possible duplicate accounts?

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    I think you're wrong on this one (see my answer) but +1 for vigilance. – Pops Dec 8 '10 at 16:30
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    +1 for vigilance, too. Unrelated: I think the people who do the sock puppet thing may need to find better hobbies, as that particular one sure seems to be a lot of work for so little return! – Andrew Barber Dec 8 '10 at 18:23

Are these the same users?

Maybe, maybe not. Having more than one account is allowed as long as you don't upvote yourself.

Given that none of those accounts have cast a single vote, this is not the case here. So leave it be.

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  • Ahh; interesting bit of detail there, and that makes sense... especially given that probably the quickest/easiest way to identify dupes (same source IP at the same time) could easily be explained by multiple people behind NAT. – Andrew Barber Dec 8 '10 at 18:20

Because of the activity tabs of their profiles, I don't think these users are sockpuppets. They could just be on the same team. Or, there might be no real affiliation with Photosynth; it could be a homework assignment or example of some kind that uses photosynth.net that as an example URL.

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