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Cancel a vote so that the tally goes back to zero and not minus

Hello all,

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As i am using a Stackoveflow since last few months, i have noted one thing: Consider, You are reading a question/answer and if you impressed/depressed then you are going to do upvote/downvote accordingly to that question or answer.

But later on , if we came to know that the question or answer is in wrong direction or meaningless than we need to cancel our voting that we have given on that Question/Answer.

alt textalt text

Check the attached images, i have upvoted an answer once, later on i supposed to cancel my vote so i pressed Downvote, it should Cancel of your vote (0 instead of -1) on first click on Downvote, what you say ??

So what if we want to cancel our Voting given on the particular Question/Answer??


You have to just click on the UpVote again to cancel. These votes work in a toggle mode. You click once, you upvote, you click the same again, it cancels your upvote.


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