How do you discover good/interesting questions quickly and efficiently to answer?


RSS feeds in conjunction with Notifixlite to get IM notifications on feed updates. I usually subscribe to the tag feeds of feeds I like, care about (like RSS :D)

  • This has by far been the best way to keep a real time view of stackoverflow. Nice tip. – Mike Dec 28 '10 at 16:52

I tend to pick categories that I have the most experience in and seek out the newest questions there. I like to take my time answering, and even then I go back and revise my answer on an average of 3 times just because I want it to be a good answer.

I'm not always the fastest to answer, but that's not what SO is about. It is about providing the best answer.


The main thing I've done is mark lots of tags as ignored, and hide questions with ignored tags.

  • I just discovered the ignore feature a couple weeks ago. – Josh Dec 13 '10 at 19:50

I use StackGuru to store my preferred tags and have the questions delivered to my IM soon as they get posted.


You might check http://stackapps.com to see what apps are of interest.

In particular the app tag is worth a click.


I often use google to add references to further documentation.

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