Sometimes I see a very interesting question, and want to follow it. But as my favorite list grow bigger, it's hard to find/reference a question again. And I think a favorite question categorizer maybe good for orgnizing my knowledge, such as: here is the folder for basic Java, there is the folder for Grails. And I may take some note for every favorite questions (why I like it, which lessons I should remember?)

In short, is there any way for me to categorize/take note for my favorite questions? (such as tag, or user-created collection). If not, I think it will be a good feature.

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The favorites function provides a good, basic "remember and watch" facility.

What you are asking for is a full bookmarking and/or note taking system. Why don't you just use a tool specifically designed for the job. Download any good bookmark manager (or use the one in your browser) to create categories of your favorite content. Or go all out and use a note-taking and archiving application like Evernote or Onenote and annotate with any notes your desire!

I'd hate to see the Stack Exchange team spending resources on tools which are readily available elsewhere.

  • Well, after some research I must admit that Evernote is a good tool, but just think it's still handy if we have some kind of organization over the favorites. Evernote/Zoteros application is useful in taking note & storage & search, but it doesn't give me the overall view about what I liked. I think the site can do this better than outside-applications(statistics & web interface). It's ok if my request seems to be irrelevant now, but I hope it will be reconsidered in future development. Commented Dec 20, 2010 at 4:16

You can get results that are similar to what you are looking for, though you'd need to use Advanced Super Ninja Search Options.

Use the search term infavorites:mine [java], and you'll see all your favorite questions.

  • Thanks, I appreciate this trick. Though I really want a more clear way to see the results. Please also notice that my request includes taking note about the favorite questions. Commented Dec 17, 2010 at 4:39

Maybe just adding a tag list to the favorites tab in profile like you see on the right side of the newest unanswered page, or even just a search filter box for non-ninjas would make them a little easier to deal with without trying to recreate Evernote like Robert is concerned about?

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