When a duplicate or poor question get closed and the question at its whole own doesn't add any value to the community, I tend to immediately click delete. Everytime it tells me that I can cast the vote after 2 days. Apart from the fact that it's annoying (why would you ever show an useless link in the UI?), it doesn't even remember the vote (actually, I discovered that today). The 10K tools also doesn't show anywhere a listing of closed questions which are really eligible for deleting. I would have to keep track of all those questions myself so that I can vote after 2 days (which I wouldn't).

I would suggest to either let that delete link actually remember the vote or at least make this link disappear as long as the logged-in user couldn't cast the vote anyway and then add an overview of closed-questions-eligible-for-delete to the 10K tools.


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Re the last paragraph, I've committed some tweaks such that:

  • the delete button won't show up unless you can actually vote for it
  • the 10k tools /tools/recently-closed screen shows the date it was closed
  • posts that you can't (yet) vote to delete are dimmed

Since this screen will now be sorted by closed date it should be pretty easy to see where you can start obliterating.

Of course, if something is obviously in need of deletion, please feel free to flag for moderator attention - see Jeff's reply here


20K users can now immediately cast a delete vote on closed questions. I am happy with this.

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