There is an inconsistency in the display of [status-completed] in tag sets.

The proper styling, judging from looking at the status-* tags across all sites in a tag set seems to be a red background with white text.

Some display this correctly: completed correct on meta.math

completed correct on meta.english

However, on some sites, the display is different and the shadow makes the text difficult to read. completed incorrect on meta.stackoverflow

completed incorrect on meta.webapps

Note that other status-* tags display properly on the sites where status-completed does not: declined correct on meta.stackoverflow

Also, side request, could the required tags get a bit more styling distinction?


You've visited the tag links that display weird, so the .tags:visited styles end up being applied as the selector is more specific than .moderator-tag (this is similar to the issue with moderator tag links here on Meta). The .moderator-tag:visited selector should probably just be added to the current moderator tag style block, as this is how the plain tags one is defined.

As for the required tags, I personally think changing the border colour to something like #D0D0D0 would be alright:

alt text

Not sure if that's distinguishable enough for everyone though.

  • excellent fix, this was driving me mad – Jeff Atwood Dec 18 '10 at 8:54
  • Oy, I feel silly for not noticing it was questions I'd visited. ): – Rebecca Chernoff Dec 18 '10 at 14:37

Yeah it's repeatable across PCs in Chrome but non-deterministic for me .. some questions have it, others won't -- even between pge refreshes.

Weird CSS issue!

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